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Post  Micaiah on Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:50 am

Character Name : Micaiah(old main) Ninja(new main)

Character Class :micaiah(mage) ninja(ranger)

Character Level :micaiah = 60 ninja = 49

Have you played Archlord before? If so where and to which level ? been playing since when it became f2p.... thats like 2 years i think?
ps. i helped train kuri0s on gaiahan(91 sorc)

Were you recommended to the guild by a current member, if so who ?
not that i know of

Do you agree to the requirements of the guild ?
sure why not. sounds like xxDOAxx to me Smile

Why would you like to be part of the guild?
cause i like plox. always did well in xxDOAxx, and i consider him a friend. i was planning on making my own guild and pwning on the new server, but why not same myself the time and energy and just join ploxs :-D
<3 plox

ps, im still deciding what toon to make on the new server. any advice?


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Post  Decimation on Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:21 am


Make an account with your name please

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